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Statutory ‘Court’ Corporations –

Independence in a “Stated Republic”

Same rules in any country that operates a Statutory Court Corporation ;

Countries with Statutory ‘Court’ Corporations –
1 Australia
2 Germany
3 Hong Kong
4 India
5 Ireland
6 Netherlands
7 United Kingdom
8 United States

5] Therefore, all laws created by these government corporations are private
corporate regulations called public law, statutes, codes and ordinances to
conceal their true nature. Do the Judge and your lawyer know about this? You
bet they do!
6] Since these government bodies are not SOVEREIGN, they cannot promulgate
or enforce CRIMINAL LAWS; they can only create and enforce CIVIL LAWS,
which are duty bound to comply with the LAW of CONTRACTS. The Law of
Contracts requires signed written agreements and complete transparency! Did
you ever agree to be tried under any of their corporate statutes?
For that matter, did you ever agree to contract with them by agreeing to be sued
for violating their corporate regulations?

30 May


Mr. de Valera…handed Mr. Lloyd George a document in Irish, and then a translation in English. The Irish document was headed ‘Saorstat Eireann’ and Mr. Lloyd George began by asking modestly for a literal translation, saying that ‘Saorstat’ did not strike his ear as Irish. Mr. De Valera replied ‘Free State’. ‘Yes, retorted Mr. Lloyd George, ‘but what is the Irish word for Republic’. While Mr. De Valera and his colleague were pondering in English on what reply they should make Mr. Lloyd George conversed aloud in Welsh with one of his Secretaries (T.J.) to the discomfiture of the two Irishmen and as Mr. De Valera could get no further than Saorstat and Free State Mr. Lloyd George remarked ‘Must we not admit that the Celts were never Republicans and have no native word for such an idea’
Names of the Irish state irish passport

The front cover of an Irish passport showing the name of the state in its two official languages.
There have been various names for the state that is today officially known as Ireland. The state makes up almost five-sixths of the island of Ireland. Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, covers the rest of the island. When the state was created in 1922 it was named the Irish Free State. In 1937 it adopted a new constitution which claimed all of Ireland as its territory, becoming Ireland in English and Éire in Irish,[1] although the latter was often used in English too. In 1949 it declared itself a republic and adopted the term Republic of Ireland as its official description while keeping the name Ireland.[2]

The terms Republic of Ireland (ROI), the Republic or the South are often used when there is a need to distinguish the state from the island or when Northern Ireland (NI or the North) is being discussed. Some Irish republicans avoid calling the state Ireland because they view it as partitionist.

Article 4 of the Constitution of Ireland, adopted in 1937, provides that “[t]he name of the State is Éire, or, in the English language, Ireland”.[3] Hence, the Irish state has two official names, Éire (in Irish) and Ireland (in English). For official purposes, including in international treaties and other legal documents, and where the language of the documents is English, the Irish government uses the name Ireland. The same is true in respect of the name Éire for documents written in Irish. Similarly, the name of the state is reflected in its institutions and public offices. For example, there is a President of Ireland and a Constitution of Ireland. The name Ireland is also used in the state’s diplomatic relations with foreign nations and at meetings of the United Nations,[4] European Union,[5] Council of Europe,[6] International Monetary Fund,[7] and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.[8]

Legal description

An envelope from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, stating “No Postage Stamp necessary if posted in Republic of Ireland”.
Since 1949 the Republic of Ireland Act has provided that the Republic of Ireland (or Poblacht na hÉireann in Irish) is the legal description for the state.[9] However, Ireland remains the constitutional name of the state.

The constitutional name Ireland is normally used. However, the legal description Republic of Ireland is sometimes used when disambiguation is desired between the state and the island of Ireland. In colloquial use this is often shortened to ‘the Republic’.

This distinction between description and name was and remains important because the Act was not a constitutional amendment and did not change the name of the state. If it had purported to do so, it would have been unconstitutional. The distinction between a description and a name has sometimes caused confusion. The Taoiseach, John A. Costello introduced the legislation with an explanation of the difference in the following way:[10]

If I say that my name is Costello and that my description is that of senior counsel, I think that will be clear to anybody who wants to know…[Similarly, the state’s] name in Irish is Éire and in the English language, Ireland. Its description in the English language is “the Republic of Ireland.”

Many countries include reference to “republic” in their names including the “French Republic” and the “Italian Republic”. In contrast, other republics, like Ireland and Hungary do not do so.

European Union

The state joined the European Economic Community (now the European Union) in 1973. Its accession treaty was drawn up in all of the EU’s then-official treaty languages (including English and Irish) and, as such, the Irish state joined under both of its names, Éire and Ireland. On 1 January 2007, Irish became an official working language of the EU.[11] This did not change the name of the Irish state in EU law. However, it has meant for example that at official meetings of the EU Council of Ministers, nameplates for the Irish state now read as Éire – Ireland, whereas previously they would simply have read as Ireland.

The Inter Institutional Style Guide of The Office for Official Publications of the European Communities sets out how the names of the Member states of the European Union must always be written and abbreviated in EU publications. Concerning Ireland, it states that its official names are Éire and Ireland; its official name in English is Ireland; its country code is IE; and its former abbreviation was IRL. It also adds the following guidance: “NB: Do not use ‘Republic of Ireland’ nor ‘Irish Republic’.

18 May

Housing For All- Problems2Solutions

PROBLEMS2SOLUTIONS a work in progress     image

1) PROBLEMS~Why do we have a serious homeless, housing and eviction crisis?

*Empty Houses Ireland            +350,000    +17% of our housing stock   ( Europe*11m homes lie empty)

*Social Housing Waiting Lists +112,000

Mortgage Arrears~Unknown but at least 140,000 with 70% of them in arrears of over 2 years.(Grandparents and parents guaranteed loans also)

Social Housing Rent Arrears

Dublin council is owed more than €23 million in arrears, by more than 14,000 households, according to figures presented at the council’s housing committee. 8th Dec 2014

On average, 3.2% of local authority homes, more than 4,000, are empty, around 75% of them awaiting repairs before they can be offered to a new tenant.

It takes an average of more than six months to get them repaired and re-let with some authorities taking over a year

*In Court System               +       30,000

Banks/Court Repossessing homes and leaving empty for in excess of two years.

The current epidemic of repossessions by Banks is to claim insurance on mortgages.

To name one of the worst candidates for being uncooperative (all banks similar) to their customers who they have a duty of care to are PTSB. Bailed out by the same people and taxpayers who they are now dragging through courts with expensive solicitors and barristers who if they agree to voluntary sale or are evicted they again become a tax payer’s problem.

90,000 households are in housing requirement need. Most of these are private rented accommodation subjected to rapid rent increases and the introduction rent caps by D.O.S.W means over half in receipt of rent allowance have to top up their rent to avail of housing owned by landlords.

At least 41 TDs are landlords and to name a few with vested interest who do not want solutions;  Tom Barry 10 John McGuiness 8. Also see Property Management Co.’s on Ministers and TDs declared interests.(Alan Shatter 14)

Who’s Buying Ireland?

A total of 22,119 mortgages to a value of €3.9bn were drawn down in 2014 while Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government data show that in 1976 the total number of mortgages paid was 22,051.

Just under half of all homes purchased in Ireland last year – 20,365 in total – were bought for cash. Property website MyHome.ie said this means that on average of 55 houses a day were being bought for cash throughout 2014.

Two teachers in full-time employment with savings of €60,000 unable to borrow for a €240,000 home(Thank God) but it begs the questions who is creating the property bubble in Dublin where they were hopeful of purchasing. If the banks are not lending to working professionals with savings who is buying all the houses? Corporate vulture capitalist banks is the answer similar to those purchasing the NAMA properties. (See NAMA document)

Who is benefitting

* funnelling over €600 million annually to private landlords in leasing schemes

* Loopholes in the law allow landlords to remove tenants from their homes and then re-advertise the same properties at substantially higher rents

If the system does not learn from the past we will re-create the environment for developers and sellers as commentators constantly identify and promote the ideal of a lack of housing as their main concern currently

7,000 social houses built in 2008 in comparison to 750 in 2013 and funding for social housing cut from over €1.5 Billion-€500 Million in 2014

Identify the vested interests creating the ‘property bubble’ way beyond reality in order to pump up prices if the banks are not lending. The media along with the analysis of property economists are a problem as they themselves work for institutions and have a direct interest in rising property prices such as banks, mortgage brokers and stockbrokers.

Continuing current policy will only worsen the housing crisis and condemn further generations to homelessness, poverty and continue to enslave by mortgage debt.


A huge increase in public affordable rental property is required without external influences and vested interests.

A full evaluation of property and write-down to value nationwide to serve purpose as banks contracts/creation of money/securitisation/POA/Original Document/Fraction Reserve Lending penalties are enforced.

Remove the fate of the housing crisis which has been left to politics, government, speculative investors, capital investment companies (arms of banks); the corrupt NAMA fuelling the new bubble (36,000 units) almost all currently have vested interest not social interests at heart.

Legislation to change NAMA residential and unfinished developments into a non-commercial social housing agency using property for housing needs.

Growth in communities of rural Ireland by identifying all empty houses and condition of the same (Jobseekers with experience/3rd Level Students Transition. With options to re-house by choice out of urban to remote areas with homes that are regenerated and maintained as rent-buy-exchanges for existing owned/social housing.( quality of life/rural job co-op creation/urban rural growth/markets programmes/tourism)

Perspective rising property prices and rents affects competiveness and is ‘wasted’ money removed completely from the domestic economy. Radical steps to address housing through systemic policy that will eliminate successive governments inaction, putting housing requirements before profiteering, rent controls, write-downs and moving towards more public rental accommodation than the usual and accepted.

Temporary legislation could be introduced a temporary basis where residential property can only be bought as a primary residence restricting speculative investment in property that should be first available as a home for those who need it.

Security for long term tenants in addition to rent regulations would help to improve standards of housing and create long term benefits and housing options.

Rent control caps and long term contracts favouring tenants instead of the elite (Rent Allowance costing the State Annually) but with a view to moving from private rental to social housing long term by re-investment upon assets gained.

Vulture Capitalists who are buying property portfolios for 15-25% of what mortgage holder’s actual loan value is to be bought by individual mortgage holders and local authority with a view to an agreed percentage of 10%-20% on top of new purchase price and reinvestment of gain to further a sustainable long term local and national social housing programme.

Capital gains to be removed where derelict houses could be purchased by agreement with the local authority then redeveloped/refurbished by County Taskforces created from Jobseekers with experience (not Jobsbridge).Rental to repay cost of refurbishment and capital investment with option of rent-buy plus 25% over time. Reinvestment of gain to further a sustainable long term local and national social housing programme.

Offer Properties-Properties in need of refurbishment by owners without funding to be regenerated by the County Taskforces with investment plus 20% regained in time by fair rental and repayment scheme with again a view by agreement rent to buy or rent cap for 10 year agreed period securing tenant and affordable rent.

Large Nama & Derelict Properties-Renovated by Taskforce/Community Projects. (Students live projects)

Re-Generate Taxpayer Funded/Owned Buildings (e.g. St.Finians Killarney-see St.Finians Health & Wellness Project Ballyvourney Colaiste Iosagáin-Colaiste–Colaiste Ide Dingle )

Retirement Villages created instead of land grab (un)Fair Deal. Current property to Social Housing in exchange for lifelong retirement property plus safety & care and allowances to value to be paid over time. Family Home-No capital gains on exchanged property plus value.

Homelessness; Retreat Centres combined with self sustainable projects on site. The “housing first” approach involves moving long-term street homeless individuals — the majority of whom are living with mental illness, substance abuse disorders and other serious health problems — directly into subsidised housing and then linking them to support services, either on-site or in the community. Research studies have found that the majority of long-term street homeless people moved into “housing first” apartments remain stably housed and experience significant improvements in their health problems. Much like permanent supportive housing, the “housing first” approach is far less costly than emergency and institutional care, such as shelters, hospitals and correctional facilities.  Gentleness-Nurture-Growth-Re~Introduction to a different world-

Students Live Projects 3rd/4th Year-Sustainable Housing Projects and Solutions-Life Skills & Focus Work Experience–Energy Efficiency-Transition Year can create an extra gap in volume entering the jobs market.

Derelict property Tenant Refurbishment Rewarded; Rent/Long Term Agreement/Option to purchase.

Outline works required-costing-long term tenants with required skills and back up rewarded by low rental for endeavour.

*Financial Transaction Tax introduced with 10% for direct action social housing investment.

*Corporation Tax percentage for direct action also.


04 May


A WORK IN PROGRESS-The Document http://www.mandate.ie/…/111930_12796_R2W-Unions_Policies_A5…
*warning ; ) trust and patience may be required
It is not only important to dream but also to believe, and my belief is that we the people willing and collectively can make the required changes to bring compassion and empathy back to our community and to our elderly neighbours and friends.
We need a brand new system nor is it beyond reality with the the many ideals that are discussed on a daily basis with regard to solutions that it can and will happen.
Some may come and go from the movement that is the nature of opinion and some that require power and control rather than the greater good.
I liked what I heard on Friday and with experience will remain balanced but will offer my own view and some ideas that are already on paper.Some of the community groups in Kerry in the last two days have already expressed an interest in discussing what is contained in the document and offering their views and we will be encouraging others to do the same from all walks of life.
Hopefully the likes of Transition Kerry will come on board and offer their expertise on energy matters.
The Document is a beginning on policy principles for a progressive Irish Government.As stated again and again by speakers throughout the day on Friday 1st May the intention is to begin a discussion on what type of society we want to live in.
The movement belongs to the people who are invited to develop the discussion further and input was welcomed as the agenda in the way forward.
Trust is the greatest factor that I observe in the way forward for the current collective and that will have to be rebuilt and can be.There are so many working for the greater good and with the concept of pay it forward that this has to be the future and maybe even sefless with regard to the next generation.
Lost words like hope and virtuous may be difficult at the beginning to establish and the people involved will need to remain moral , educated, and informed.Limiting the power of the government and empowering the people is a dream and achievable as we go full circle back to a simple life.compassion2

04 May


With an appreciation of each moment in time being new and an attitude that education is a key I attended the Unity Right2Water Conference in Dublin. Torn through time passed between politics and protest I like many others am a sceptic especially of motive, agenda and current political parties who I often have believed should be whipped and not with an olive branch.
Sitting in a room made up of 5 Unions, the political collective defined as the left and my great friends the community activists in the past would have made me feel dishonest. In my own world of balance on the journey from Killarney my mind was cynical along with my heart beating simultaneously with optimism with a view just simply of change that is a necessity in this country of ours.
I have questioned Brendan Ogle and many involved in R2W and probably will again but admire endeavour and courage. Yesterday was a great success and today I personally will thrive on that. I will make no apologies for being myself, living in hope and recognising that change is the only constant in the dream world I fight daily to live in.
John Douglas of Mandate opened with the creation of alternatives a fair society and stated the complete abolition of water charges for the record. Value systems for communities and respect for each other mentioned ensured my interest.

Jimmy Kelly of Unite spoke of genuine unity and the possibilities of building the strength we need politically. Acknowledging that the water campaign brought many together by the infliction of another austerity driven policy that saw on our behalf No Acceptance kept me sitting up.
Konstantina Tsouvala of Syriza related the story of The Squares Movement in Greece and the students who occupied because of the systems Private University agenda verses the greater good of education. The topic of Interface between Social Movement and Politics based on social initiatives and a belief that Greece will come into direct confrontation with the EU along with changes that have happened since the election added to the fascination and opened my eyes further.
Dorothea Haerlin of The Berlin Water Movement made me smile even before she related her story of success and her willingness to continue for significant change. The T-Shirt with the shark and the tap I would like to wear along with the information on Veolia and the payment until 2028 to the PPP’s having won a battle brought me back to our own war and reality Ireland. Having won the first ever Referendum in Berlin against the vultures and her expectation with regard to transparency and democracy this teak tough lady’s group is a must read.
Eduardo Maura of Podemos instilled more faith in me that not only Ireland and Spain are changing the World is. His wonderful narrative that began with a high for me when he brought laughter to the room when declaring the long term traditional two and a half party system in his country fell into disrepute. Life in the EU is a sentence that has broken confidence and has created social problems that have become common, generational and evident in both our countries have led to huge political problems.
The Indignados who in the past many of us were part of without knowing was put in motion when the common sense of the people saw through the corruption of the system kidnapping democracy. I could write all day on this young man’s attitude on “who changes what” the “regime crisis” and the “opening of new ways to common sense” and how quickly things evolved for Podemos from 2014 all pointing towards great change.
Marcus Howard recorded what echoes the discussion by many activists in their respective community groups https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=204&v=2ObgQ4U0hm4 and I would urge all of opinion to listen to what this Professor of Philosophy at University of Madrid and spokesperson for Podemos(YesWeCan) had to say in Dublin and in the very recent past (http://platypus1917.org/…/mas-alla-de-la-izquierda-y-la-de…/)
Paddy Mackel of NIPSA discussed 2006-present in their water wars in the north of the country and the abuse of the economic struggle that like ourselves recognises the overall campaign is a wider struggle.
Stephen Nolan of Trademark Belfast spoke about capitalism, the Global Water Summit in Greece and opened my eyes further at their websitehttp://www.watermeetsmoney.com The Warren Buffet quote ““There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning” is the attitude of the 1% .The Pascal Kerneis idiom “Industry will oppose any deal in which investment protection is traded off against public policy objectives, including human and labour rights” contained in A transatlantic Corporate Bill of Rights and Investor privileges in EU-US trade deal threaten public interest and democracy in 2013 needs to be revisited as TTIP and CETA have only recently been discussed in our public domain.
Rory Hearne among others is one I can easily listen to and would willingly learn from. The actual students on the whole are missing from the grassroots movements and the lecturer from Maynooth by the sincerity of his obvious education and engagement in the struggle for a New Ireland may be the catalyst in forging that essential initiation.
The attitude in Starting Afresh and From Protest to Politics: How Can We Get a New Republic? http://www.irishleftreview.org/…/28/protest-politics-repub…/ are a true tutorial for activists and the left that epitomise his compassion for the Emerald Isle and The State of the same island.
The on-going story that is his work and research in the our most appropriate issues areas of on-going research cover three areas:• The geo-political economy of neoliberalism, theories of the role of the state, privatisation, Public Private Partnerships• Spatial justice, human rights & ‘right to the city’, social movements, left political parties, social justice advocacy• Social housing, community development, urban regeneration.
The young Dr.Hearn wise beyond years makes it clear also, no one party, individual or organisation, no matter how big or small should ‘control’ this new political movement or determine its path. Whoever is willing now to work together to create this new movement should just do it and those who currently do not agree with this strategy should not hold it back.
Michael Taft of Unite and his energy was a pleasure to witness late in the day when really the struggle in the world and Ireland today is the system taking our own most valuable resource. Energy and the depletion of that resource in daily life which I regularly view yesterday saw the most animated or empowered Taft I have viewed to date.
In Ireland for many years his passion for shooting from the hip would have in person decimated the creative writers of the Spring Statement. Having seen Michael speak a number of times in the past yesterday just maybe because of the space I myself was in his narrative was spellbinding and the video of his truth should go viral.IMG_0105