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Housing For All- Problems2Solutions

PROBLEMS2SOLUTIONS a work in progress     image

1) PROBLEMS~Why do we have a serious homeless, housing and eviction crisis?

*Empty Houses Ireland            +350,000    +17% of our housing stock   ( Europe*11m homes lie empty)

*Social Housing Waiting Lists +112,000

Mortgage Arrears~Unknown but at least 140,000 with 70% of them in arrears of over 2 years.(Grandparents and parents guaranteed loans also)

Social Housing Rent Arrears

Dublin council is owed more than €23 million in arrears, by more than 14,000 households, according to figures presented at the council’s housing committee. 8th Dec 2014

On average, 3.2% of local authority homes, more than 4,000, are empty, around 75% of them awaiting repairs before they can be offered to a new tenant.

It takes an average of more than six months to get them repaired and re-let with some authorities taking over a year

*In Court System               +       30,000

Banks/Court Repossessing homes and leaving empty for in excess of two years.

The current epidemic of repossessions by Banks is to claim insurance on mortgages.

To name one of the worst candidates for being uncooperative (all banks similar) to their customers who they have a duty of care to are PTSB. Bailed out by the same people and taxpayers who they are now dragging through courts with expensive solicitors and barristers who if they agree to voluntary sale or are evicted they again become a tax payer’s problem.

90,000 households are in housing requirement need. Most of these are private rented accommodation subjected to rapid rent increases and the introduction rent caps by D.O.S.W means over half in receipt of rent allowance have to top up their rent to avail of housing owned by landlords.

At least 41 TDs are landlords and to name a few with vested interest who do not want solutions;  Tom Barry 10 John McGuiness 8. Also see Property Management Co.’s on Ministers and TDs declared interests.(Alan Shatter 14)

Who’s Buying Ireland?

A total of 22,119 mortgages to a value of €3.9bn were drawn down in 2014 while Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government data show that in 1976 the total number of mortgages paid was 22,051.

Just under half of all homes purchased in Ireland last year – 20,365 in total – were bought for cash. Property website MyHome.ie said this means that on average of 55 houses a day were being bought for cash throughout 2014.

Two teachers in full-time employment with savings of €60,000 unable to borrow for a €240,000 home(Thank God) but it begs the questions who is creating the property bubble in Dublin where they were hopeful of purchasing. If the banks are not lending to working professionals with savings who is buying all the houses? Corporate vulture capitalist banks is the answer similar to those purchasing the NAMA properties. (See NAMA document)

Who is benefitting

* funnelling over €600 million annually to private landlords in leasing schemes

* Loopholes in the law allow landlords to remove tenants from their homes and then re-advertise the same properties at substantially higher rents

If the system does not learn from the past we will re-create the environment for developers and sellers as commentators constantly identify and promote the ideal of a lack of housing as their main concern currently

7,000 social houses built in 2008 in comparison to 750 in 2013 and funding for social housing cut from over €1.5 Billion-€500 Million in 2014

Identify the vested interests creating the ‘property bubble’ way beyond reality in order to pump up prices if the banks are not lending. The media along with the analysis of property economists are a problem as they themselves work for institutions and have a direct interest in rising property prices such as banks, mortgage brokers and stockbrokers.

Continuing current policy will only worsen the housing crisis and condemn further generations to homelessness, poverty and continue to enslave by mortgage debt.


A huge increase in public affordable rental property is required without external influences and vested interests.

A full evaluation of property and write-down to value nationwide to serve purpose as banks contracts/creation of money/securitisation/POA/Original Document/Fraction Reserve Lending penalties are enforced.

Remove the fate of the housing crisis which has been left to politics, government, speculative investors, capital investment companies (arms of banks); the corrupt NAMA fuelling the new bubble (36,000 units) almost all currently have vested interest not social interests at heart.

Legislation to change NAMA residential and unfinished developments into a non-commercial social housing agency using property for housing needs.

Growth in communities of rural Ireland by identifying all empty houses and condition of the same (Jobseekers with experience/3rd Level Students Transition. With options to re-house by choice out of urban to remote areas with homes that are regenerated and maintained as rent-buy-exchanges for existing owned/social housing.( quality of life/rural job co-op creation/urban rural growth/markets programmes/tourism)

Perspective rising property prices and rents affects competiveness and is ‘wasted’ money removed completely from the domestic economy. Radical steps to address housing through systemic policy that will eliminate successive governments inaction, putting housing requirements before profiteering, rent controls, write-downs and moving towards more public rental accommodation than the usual and accepted.

Temporary legislation could be introduced a temporary basis where residential property can only be bought as a primary residence restricting speculative investment in property that should be first available as a home for those who need it.

Security for long term tenants in addition to rent regulations would help to improve standards of housing and create long term benefits and housing options.

Rent control caps and long term contracts favouring tenants instead of the elite (Rent Allowance costing the State Annually) but with a view to moving from private rental to social housing long term by re-investment upon assets gained.

Vulture Capitalists who are buying property portfolios for 15-25% of what mortgage holder’s actual loan value is to be bought by individual mortgage holders and local authority with a view to an agreed percentage of 10%-20% on top of new purchase price and reinvestment of gain to further a sustainable long term local and national social housing programme.

Capital gains to be removed where derelict houses could be purchased by agreement with the local authority then redeveloped/refurbished by County Taskforces created from Jobseekers with experience (not Jobsbridge).Rental to repay cost of refurbishment and capital investment with option of rent-buy plus 25% over time. Reinvestment of gain to further a sustainable long term local and national social housing programme.

Offer Properties-Properties in need of refurbishment by owners without funding to be regenerated by the County Taskforces with investment plus 20% regained in time by fair rental and repayment scheme with again a view by agreement rent to buy or rent cap for 10 year agreed period securing tenant and affordable rent.

Large Nama & Derelict Properties-Renovated by Taskforce/Community Projects. (Students live projects)

Re-Generate Taxpayer Funded/Owned Buildings (e.g. St.Finians Killarney-see St.Finians Health & Wellness Project Ballyvourney Colaiste Iosagáin-Colaiste–Colaiste Ide Dingle )

Retirement Villages created instead of land grab (un)Fair Deal. Current property to Social Housing in exchange for lifelong retirement property plus safety & care and allowances to value to be paid over time. Family Home-No capital gains on exchanged property plus value.

Homelessness; Retreat Centres combined with self sustainable projects on site. The “housing first” approach involves moving long-term street homeless individuals — the majority of whom are living with mental illness, substance abuse disorders and other serious health problems — directly into subsidised housing and then linking them to support services, either on-site or in the community. Research studies have found that the majority of long-term street homeless people moved into “housing first” apartments remain stably housed and experience significant improvements in their health problems. Much like permanent supportive housing, the “housing first” approach is far less costly than emergency and institutional care, such as shelters, hospitals and correctional facilities.  Gentleness-Nurture-Growth-Re~Introduction to a different world-

Students Live Projects 3rd/4th Year-Sustainable Housing Projects and Solutions-Life Skills & Focus Work Experience–Energy Efficiency-Transition Year can create an extra gap in volume entering the jobs market.

Derelict property Tenant Refurbishment Rewarded; Rent/Long Term Agreement/Option to purchase.

Outline works required-costing-long term tenants with required skills and back up rewarded by low rental for endeavour.

*Financial Transaction Tax introduced with 10% for direct action social housing investment.

*Corporation Tax percentage for direct action also.


30 Mar

Have You A Dream?We need to start dreaming!Aloud


Political Dreaming in the Twenty-First Century 
Where Has It Gone? 
By Ira Chernus

All right, I confess: I have a dream. I bet you do, too. I bet yours, like mine, is of a far, far better world not only for yourself and your loved ones, but for everyone on this beleaguered planet of ours.

And I bet you, like me, rarely talk to anyone about your dreams, even if you spend nearly all your time among politically active people working to improve the planet. Perhaps these days it feels somehow just too naïve, too unrealistic, too embarrassing. So instead, you focus your energy on the nuts and bolts of what’s wrong with the world, what has to be fixed immediately.

I’m thinking that it’s time to try a different approach — to keep feeling and voicing what Martin Luther King, Jr., called “the fierce urgency of now,” but balance it with a dose of another political lesson he taught us: the irresistible power of dreaming.10959312_1577395639145293_9096458384472750479_n

I started reflecting on this when I returned from a long trip and found my email inbox crammed with hundreds of urgent messages from progressive groups and news sources, all sounding the alarm about the latest outrages, horrors, and disgraces, punctuated by an occasional call for a new policy to right at least one of the horrendous wrongs described and denounced.

Suddenly, I found myself thinking: Same old same old. The particular words keep changing, but the basic message and the music of our song of frustrated lament remain the same.  We give the people the shocking facts and call them to action. And we wonder: Why don’t they listen?

Then I looked at the calendar and noticed that the end of the summer would bring the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s greatest speech — and I realized what was missing from virtually all those email messages: Where was the dream? Where was the debate about what the world we seek would look like?

In most of them I could dimly sense that the writer might indeed have a vision of a better world. But it was always hidden somewhere between the lines, as if in the century when capitalism had “triumphed” and nowhere on Earth did there seem to be an alternative, the writer was ashamed to speak such things aloud.

Occupied Dreams

It wasn’t always so. I remember how incensed I used to get in the 1960s when hearing the charge from the right: “Those hippie radicals. They don’t know what they’re for, only what they’re against.” “Those hippie radicals” knew what they were for: concrete changes in political policies that would turn their dreams into reality. And they talked constantly about the dreams as well as the policies.

It was Dr. King, above all, who inspired them. If, on that hot summer day in 1963, he had only denounced the evils of racism and proposed policy remedies, we would scarcely recall his speech half a century later. It holds a special place in our public memory only because he concluded by confessing his dream. Daring to be a public dreamer propelled him to greatness.

Now, I fear, we mostly talk only about what we’re against. The just-give-‘em-the-facts approach, so tilted toward denunciation (however well deserved), scarcely leaves room for any other impression.

There are still a few dreamers. You can find them among environmental activists, who give us science fiction-like descriptions of technology that can create a clean, sustainable environment for the whole biosphere.  Except that isn’t simply a fantasy: much of the technology already exists.

You can also find dreamers in religious communities, sharing the words of holy scriptures informed by eschatological visions of a better future.  Occasionally, even a hard-boiled devotee of the facts like Noam Chomsky gives us a peek into his dream: a world without borders.

Not long ago, you could find dreamers occupying parks and public spaces across the country, short-lived as their moment was mainly because of an onslaught of police violence. For that brief season, they showed us that our dreams had been occupied and needed to be freed.  In the past, though, movements have persisted much longer, even in the face of massive state violence.

The Occupy movement, however, emerged in a distinctly twenty-first-century world in which activists have long become accustomed to hiding their dreams. Without such shared dreams, political activism can easily feel like nothing more than an endless struggle against insurmountable odds — like being part of a small band of good guys besieged on every side. Who can blame them for feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and hopeless?

Once most Occupiers were forced to retreat from public spaces, I suspect they, too, felt tired, cramped, hemmed in. Occupy could flourish only in the open, where people could share their dreams and imagine that all the boundaries that limit us might, in that open-air spirit, dissolve.

Realism and Dreams

Boundaries and limitations dissolving: that’s not merely Chomsky’s dream, it’s the essence of all dreaming — to transcend the barriers that separate one person from another, one group or nation from another, and all humanity from its natural environment.

Dreaming is the realm of pure freedom. In dreams, we can see, do, or be anything. When our dreams are political, they help us sense what it might be like to escape the limits imposed by corporations, the state, the media, the advertisers, powerful forces of every kind. They help us imagine in new ways what is possible. In our dreams, none of the powers that be can touch us.

Freud said that every dream is the fulfillment of a wish, but political dreams aren’t about our private desires. They are visions of the public realm being freed from the artificial divisions and constraints of the present.  There, as in our nighttime dreaming, we experience whole new worlds, constantly changing, often in remarkable detail. Dreaming is the realm of permanent revolution that the great political visionaries from Thomas Jefferson to Che Guevara spoke of.

Constant change, pure freedom, the sense that anything is possible: combined, they can give us the daytime energy we need to work for change despite the obstacles and failures we inevitably face.  When political life is infused with a dream, traveling without a map can feel exhilarating. In politics as in physiology, we must dream on a regular basis to restore our energy.

But a political dream is quite different from the dreaming of sleep because it happens while we are wide-awake. It may even make us feel more awake, allowing us to pierce the pre-packaged version of reality handed to us by the rich and powerful, who demand that we take their distorted version of how this place, this country, this planet works as “realism” itself.

When we see by the light of imagined futures, the present and its real possibilities come into clearer view, offering us a broader framework into which we can fit the chaotic pieces of current reality and the specific changes we are working for.

We don’t have to wait for some distant future to see our dreams realized. The essence of the nonviolent action that Dr. King preached is to pierce the lies and distortions in the here and now by acting out, with our bodies, the authentic reality we have seen — to persist in what is really real (which is the best translation I know of Gandhi’s term satyagraha).

So we should never let anyone dismiss our political dreams as “unrealistic.” The world as we wish it to be is no mere fantasy. It is often our most reliable guide to knowing the truth.

Never Stop Dreaming

Whether they know it or not, everyone has their own dream of the world as it should be, and every dream is open to endless interpretation. Dr. King had his. I’ve got my interpretation of his. I’ve got my own, too. And you’ve got yours. The point is not to argue about who has the one “correct” dream, but to bring all of our dreams out of the closet and voice them openly, share our interpretations of each other’s dreams, and start a conversation about the politics of dreaming.

When that kind of dream-sharing becomes part of political life, it begins to create myths. By “myth” I don’t mean a lie. I mean a story that a community tells itself to interpret its life, to express the fundamentals of its worldview and values, to give meaning and hope to events great and small.

A myth, it is often said, is a collective dream. In myths, as in dreams, anything can happen. And once new myths start circulating, anything can indeed happen. There is a real chance that one myth (or several with much in common) will — by some mysterious, unpredictable process — grab hold of a big enough part of the body politic to stir it to action. The U.S saw that process at work in the 1770s (the dream of a republic), the 1860s (the dream of abolishing slavery), and the mid-1930s (the dream of basic economic security for all).

In the late 1960s, the dream of radical democracy and equality for all took hold in millions of American minds. It happened surprisingly fast. In 1963, when Dr. King gave the nation permission to share our dreams, few could have imagined how radically the political and cultural landscape would be reshaped by new myths within just a few years.

Of course, we should never confuse our dreams and myths with specific policy proposals. That would endanger the chances of achieving policies that could bring us a few steps closer to realizing those dreams. Policies, after all, are always political artifacts, produced by compromises between our dreams and the hard facts of the present.

The coming commemoration of the “dream” speech should remind us of Dr. King’s recipe for meaningful political change: take one part facts to reveal the world’s evils, one part policy proposals to remove those evils, one part shrewd political strategy, and one part dreams — shared aloud — and stir artfully into a political movement.

So don’t stop shouting from the rooftops about everything that’s outrageously wrong. Don’t stop the grinding political work of changing specific policies. But take the time to show how your outrage, policies, and politics are propelled by your dreams. Share those dreams: talk or write or draw or sing or dance them. Describe the kind of world you are working for and show how it could be linked to policies and politics. And don’t let anyone dismiss you as an “unrealistic dreamer.”

Yes, it’s true, the world will never look exactly like our mythic dreams. But we can’t get to any better future unless we first imagine that future, together. A political dream is a magnet that pulls us toward our goals. It may also be an asymptote — a promised land that we can never reach. Yet even if we never get there, every dream takes us closer to a transformed reality.

01 Dec


TIME FOR THE TRUTH ~1st Dec                 by Brian McCarthy  (fb Brian andLorraine McCarthy)

ask your TD-MEP-Senator or Councillor a simple question (highlighted below)

This letter was sent to TD’s MEPs Senators on the 30th of November via contact.ie. All Kerry Councillors were emailed this letter on the same day prior to their meeting with Irish Water on the 1st of December at 10.30 in the County Buildings.

We handed in a hard copy of the letter to Cllr Sam Locke in the “chamber” before their meeting this morning.

The Kerry Co.Manager, Departments of Environment,Legal and Revenue were also copied in on the email with a note to the councillor’s  explaining why I sent the letter attached.

I can make no apologies for the letter being complicated as the amount of documents and legalese. I had to trawl for days again and again to try to understand documents that the system makes  complicated.

Codes to decipher when plain English or better again a return to our native language of Irish  properly taught instead of drilled or beaten into us so we would stray away from our roots and into control.

We the ordinary decent people kept busy by their successful system of enslavement to debt and drained of energy along with time.

The letter speaks for itself and the quest is for answers .One simple answer from our elected representatives  before the 10th of December having got to the bottom of the document and after considering what they have read.

Will Irish Water and the corporate controlled Government  answer or lie?

Ask your Councillors, TDs, Senators and MEPs the questions.


Letter to Kerry Co. Councillors /Co. Manager/Services/Legal Team           (TD’s, MEP’s, Senator’s)

Dear Kerry Co. Councillors

Please feel free to use any information contained in this letter in your meeting with Irish Water on Monday the 1st of December 2014.

A number of questions arise throughout this letter that I would like a personal response to but one simple question can be answered at the end of the letter which is highlighted.

Is the Water Services Act 2013 subordinate to both the constitutional and natural rights of the people of Ireland?

Am I already paying for water via PPI, PRSI and Motor Tax –General Taxation?

Do you believe that water is a public resource and should never be privatised?

Where do you stand on the explicit recognition by the United Nations that water and sanitation is a human right?

Is it Law that I have to sign up to Irish Water?nualas grandson

With regard to current and future issues that may arise where proof is ascertained that ill health was created by contaminated water by historical fact and where legal battles that may ensue e.g. lead pipes are Kerry Co. Council or Irish Water held accountable?

When Bord Gais was given the brief to set up Irish Water we were told that it was because they had all the systems in place. Why then did the Irish taxpayer have to pay for all these consultants?

When a mains break will occur will it be Irish Water who will fix it? When a complaint is to be made to Irish Water who will deal with it?

Will the complaint be logged, referred to the relevant local authority who will then report back to Irish Water, who will then give an order to the local authority to carry out the repairs? Do you think this is utter inefficiency, duplication and time wasting?

With reference to the Water Services Act, are you aware this Act only provides for the installation of water meters in dwellings? “AN ACT TO MAKE PROVISION IN RELATION TO THE INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE OF WATER METERS IN DWELLINGS….”

Does this indicate that you may not install a meter on the public pathway(claiming it is outside the control of the individuals home it is to be attached to) when the property folio indicates that the actual extent of the property extends to the middle of the road and as such does not constitute the dwelling?

ARTICLE 40-5 The dwelling of every citizen is inviolable and shall not be forcibly entered save in accordance with the law.

Has Kerry Co. Council compromised tenants by sharing personal details without their consent in writing with the private company Irish Water?

Are you aware details were put up on the Irish Water website telling us signing up meant our PPS numbers and other personal details became “assets” that Irish Water could sell when privatising the water supply?

Are you? The Co.Council? And Government? Ignoring my Constitutional Rights, the Laws of the Land & EU in

Contract Law, Consumer Acts, and The Sale of Goods and Services Act 1980 with regard to Irish Water?

Is Irish Water trading in contravention of the European Communities Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulation 1995; as it has no process in place for informing the customer of what its contract entails?

Are you aware EU directives are binding and that member states must implement them through national legislation? Article 9 of the water framework directive requires charging for domestic water. There is one exemption. It is known within the European Commission as the “Irish Exemption” because it was won by the Irish and only Ireland qualifies for it. It is found in article 9.4 of the directive.

Meanwhile while the current policy direction is strongly influenced by the current Programme for
Government and the European Union / International Monetary Fund / European Central Bank agreement, the proposed introduction of water charging predates the general election of 2010 and the troika agreement. The renewed Programme for Government issued by the previous Government on 10 October 2009 committed that
administration to introducing charging for treated water use, based on a system where households would be allocated a free basic allowance, with charging only for water use in excess of this allowance. (Final water report-link below)

What is Irish Waters Code of Practice and has it been approved by CER? European Communities Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulation 1995;

Can Irish Water or any of its agents use force, coercion or any other means to install water meters where the target of that meter does not consent to its installation, whether verbally or through any other means, including signage or notices?

Are you aware and have you researched The Smart Meter in terms of devastation to our nervous system?

Are you aware “The ‘Smart’ Meter in terms of devastation to our nervous system and that the radiation permanently destroys and alters the manufacture of brain proteins meaning that it completely changes the human organism permanently”?

Are you aware ‘Smart’ Meters violate many of my constitutional rights here in Ireland and my human rights, such as those laid out by the

Constitution of Ireland

European Convention on Human Rights?
Smart Meters: Detrimental Health Effects and Violations of Human and Constitutional Rights.

‘Smart’ Meters violate the rights of individuals everywhere, including the following Constitutional rights of the Irish people:
ARTICLE 41-1 1° The State recognises the Family as the natural primary and fundamental unit group of Society, and as a moral institution possessing inalienable and imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law. The Irish Water Act attempts to bypass this and enforce a contract.

ARTICLE 45-2 (iii) That, especially, the operation of free competition shall not be allowed so to develop as to result in the concentration of the ownership or control of essential commodities in a few individuals to the common detriment. It is absolutely to the common detriment to begin the process of privatising water.

The dwelling of every citizen is inviolable…Irish Water are engaging in trespass where it relates to privacy. ‘Smart’ Meters also violate those rights laid out by the European Convention on Human

Rights under:
ARTICLE 5(right to liberty and security) and ARTICLE 8(right to respect for private and family life). Access to water is also a basic human right. Aside from the individual’s absolute right to refuse a contract, ‘Smart’ Meters cause endangerment through many other factors.

Are you aware Wireless ‘Smart’ Meters, when activated, emit intense, pulsed bursts of non-ionising, RF microwave radiation. More than 5,000 studies have shown that non-ionising microwave radiation/RF EMF is harmful to humans, animals and plants.

On 31st May 2011, the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorised RF EMFs as a possible CARCINOGEN (Class 2b) – the same as lead, DDT, chloroform & methyl mercury.

On 6th May 2011, the Council of Europe issued a report titled “Potential dangers of EMFs and their effect on the environment” in which they called for an IMMEDIATE reduction in exposure to EMFs by children. The Council advocates a precautionary principle be applied to wireless emissions to prevent public health disaster akin to “tobacco, leaded petrol and asbestos”. ‘Smart’ Meters will increase – not decrease – the EMF exposure to members of a household and their neighbours.

As demonstrated by Daniel Hirsch, Senior Nuclear Policy Lecturer at UCSC, ‘Smart’ Meters can expose the body to 160x to 800x times as much microwave radiation as mobile phones. ‘Smart’ Meters can emit intense pulses of radiation in excess of 190,000 times every day.

Human, animal and cell culture studies indicate long-term systemic health effects from RF microwave radiation, including hormone disruption, DNA damage, leakage of blood-brain- barrier, sperm count reduction & damage, sleep disorders, learning difficulties, attention deficit & hyperactivity disorders, dementia and cancer including leukaemia and brain glioma (tumours). There is concern that pregnant women & children are particularly vulnerable.


Household Tax Act 2011 and in the Statutory Instrument for the same document. How much did the LGMA collect in Kerry? How much was handed over in General Purpose Grants by the LGMA (minus minimum expenses) to Kerry Co. Council for local services.

Was the €490 Million collected in Property taxes diverted into Irish Water or local services?

Does this Government need to take in about €305m in household charges to trigger an EU rule that allows them to borrow money through a government-funded “commercial” company, “off the balance sheet”?

Does this create pretence that the Government isn’t borrowing the money and it keeps the deficit looking like it’s under 3pc?

Are elected members sidelined by Kenny’s Economic Management Council which includesJoan Burton, Michael Noonan and Brendan Howlin which makes decisions in private and then imposes them?

Are weak politicians who have been targeting and miss-selling our natural assets now allowing corporations to turn nature into commodity and commodity into capital crippling our economy further?

Do you agree with a referendum on the public ownership of Irish Water?

Water is essential to human life, and international examples of privatisation have resulted in higher costs for consumers and a loss of democratic accountability over water provision.

I was horrified upon reading the 125 page document submitted by PwC http://www.oireachtas.ie/parliament/…/final-water-report.pdf of which I have summarised and the document is available but I would hope that Councillors, TD’s and Senators would familiarise themselves with the document and the layers of control contained within the document. Further information is also available in a summary of this document on our facebook page and comments dated 25th November 19;53 https://www.facebook.com/brian.l.mccarthy.3/posts/10153436405473298?pnref=story


3 monkeysPwC who submitted the final report was found to be unethically favoured by the World Bank in a bid to privatize the water distribution system of Delhi, India, an effort that was alleged as corrupt by investigators
World Bank Favouring for Water Privatization in Delhi.

PwC do a lot of reports worldwide and are fond of the World Bank-please read (2)
The World Bank, for example, has set out two distinct stages with regard to the
concept of accountability34:-
(1) Answerability – Defined as the onus placed on Government and its agencies to provide information about decisions and actions and to justify them to the public and to the institutions (for example regulators and parliaments) tasked with providing oversight.
(2) Enforcement – Which suggests that sanctions aimed at remedying behaviour which the public and / or the institutions find undesirable can be imposed.

PwC suggest that once Irish Water is well established as a self-funding utility the Government and Regulators may wish to assess international experience of the introduction of competition in water and sewerage services to identify whether Ireland could benefit from competitive markets in the water sector at a later date.

The PwC report addresses a number of operational systems to be put in place in the new Irish water utility such as staffing. Health and safety does not, however, appear to feature in the report in detail.

Definitions of                                                                                stock market


A government-owned corporation, state-owned company, state-owned enterprise, state-owned entity, state enterprise, publicly owned corporation, government business enterprise, commercial government agency, public sector undertaking or parastatal is a legal entity that undertakes commercial activities on behalf of an owner government. Their legal status varies from being a part of government to stock companies with a state as a regular stockholder. There is no standard definition of a government-owned corporation (GOC) or state-owned enterprise (SOE), although the two terms can be used interchangeably. The defining characteristics are that they have a distinct legal form and they are established to operate in commercial affairs. While they may also have public policy objectives, GOCs should be differentiated from other forms of government agencies or state entities established to pursue purely non-financial objectives. [1]

Government-owned corporations are common with natural monopolies and infrastructure such as railways and telecommunications, strategic goods and services (mail, weapons), natural resources and energy, politically sensitive business, broadcasting, demerit goods (alcohol) and merit goods (healthcare).



The system of rules, practices and processes by which a company is directed and controlled. Corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of the many stakeholders in a company – these include its shareholders, management, customers, suppliers, financiers, government and the community. Since corporate governance also provides the framework for attaining a company’s objectives, it encompasses practically every sphere of management, from action plans and internal controls to performance measurement and corporate disclosure.

Along with


A legal entity that is created by the government in order to partake in commercial activities on the government’s behalf. A state-owned enterprise (SOE) can be either wholly or partially owned by a government and is typically earmarked to participate in commercial activities.

A key factor in evaluating the merits of the new operating model is the possibility that the borrowings of Irish Water could be outside the General Government Balance [GGB]. In the scenarios explored, and subject to confirmation by the CSO [Central Statistics Office] / Eurostat, it would appear that a determination could be made that Irish Water‘s borrowings would be deemed to be outside the GGB.‖
In addition, it is not clear yet what the precise relationship between NewERA and the new Irish water utility will be.
The legislation would provide for setting up of a private or public limited company incorporated under the Companies Act, the shares of which would be held by, or on behalf of, one or more Ministers of Government
and / or an agency such as NewERA.

The final water report points completely to Irish Water being launched on the markets. The definitions above along with the World Bank, I.M.F and corporate bankers controlling our economy and encouraging weak governments to sell our natural assets and water are showcased throughout the document for those who understand legalese and their goals of privatisation in the 64 countries that PwC have submitted reports on water.

The HSE and O.P.W have enforced responsibility within the document and both organisations are funded by the taxpayer.

The Consumers Association of Ireland pointed out the need for proper management of water resources before the introduction of charging and a decision on who bears the costs of an inefficient system that can lead to health risks.

After four decades of across the board political party neglect in addition to highly paid Co. Managers (some of whom retired on pensions and into IW) who also claim substantial pensions we are left with a leaking  infrastructure that  current figures point to waste in the ground in excess of 41% and Irish Water predicting 20 years to fix half the leaks.

It is of my opinion that the public’s and my own personal rising anger over the blatant miss-truths that have surrounded successive governments and the current fiasco that is Irish Water are more than justified and I have decided not to consent to become a customer of Irish Water.matrix

There is very little being offered in the aspect of solutions, rain water harvesting, clean water and eco-systems in the county which I would also love to see an open discussion on involving “we the people”.

You may also note I did not mention “money” until now as it is the greatest distraction in life in the world we live in today.

Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to your response.

The question

Do you agree with the abolishment of Irish Water?  Yes   or   No

Yours Sincerely

Brian McCarthy

Hillview, Knockeragh, Tiernaboul, Killarney, Co.Kerry.


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Subject: Irish Water meeting Monday 1st December-Details in the attachment that are very relevant.

Dear Councillors                                       Sunday 30/11/2014 17:45
Attached is a letter to all Councillor’s (except Liam Purtill who I sent a text to looking for his email address and Danny Healy-Rae which I sent to
Michael Healy- Rae to pass it on).Michael Gleeson’s email would not send so I sent to his nephew Conor Gleeson who will pass it on.

I have also sent this email to the Co.Manager,Environment,Legal and Revenue (Water&Sewage Charges) Departments.

Please pass this on to any other department you may feel relevant within Kerry Co.Council.

I am part of a number of protest groups nationwide and here in Kerry and I believe long-term education will bring down the system of governance we are subjected to here in Ireland today.

I will hand a hard copy of this letter to one of the council in the chamber tomorrow morning at around 10am in Tralee prior to the meeting with Irish Water.

Cllr Sam Locke accepting the document in the “chamber” 1st December sam locke

I will also be emailing all local TD’s Senator’s and MEP’s as the time has come for the truth for the betterment of our County and Nation.


Brian(all my details are at the end of the letter above)

26 May

New Beginnings; Potholes V Community Cares; wounded but not broken

I knew when the first few boxes were opened I was in trouble.Having handed out a copy of one submission I did for the Kerry County Development plan on rates for SME’S to every shop in Killarney,Rathmore and Castleisland before I ever started my door to door and getting a great reaction to the idea of turnover and profit verses space I gained confidence from the support received at the start of my journey.1003024_737211619628368_1736155902_n

The door to door plan of telling the truth was in place and the issues to be addressed at the door were Special Needs,the Health or UNhealthy service that I recently resigned from because of a lack of care and compassion for clients and staff.Home Help,unfair annualised hours contracts,social exclusion of the most vulnerable,cuts to carer’s, charges for respite,and respite grants all part of my daily view working for the HSE as lack of help and privatisation crippled my local community.

Daily levels of emotional pain,distressed family home mortgage holders who I represent for free and the high level of suicide and my education of life skills,aware and safe talk were required at many doors as so many cried and poured out their unique and broken hearts at the door.

Control by the corrupt I.M.F,the Bank of International Settlement,Denis O Brien,our Natural Assets and resources,Topaz along with Brian Cowan,John Bruton’s monthly meetings with corporations controlling our budget are just part of my daily research and chat in addition to David Tepper,BOI,evictions and Anti-Eviction Taskforce  are easy for me to talk about with passion.

290,000 empty houses many of which we viewed travelling my designated area, a housing and homeless problem or a plain lack of common sense problem in addition to the questions Where is the money from Developer’s Bonds and the Statutory Instrument of the Property Tax that promised the money raised minus LGMA minimal expenses at local level not to the privatised company that is now Irish Water a set up by the failed auctioneer Phil Hogan and Mr. O Brien with his finger in every pie of the media,telecommunications,smart meter installations,siteserve,NAMA ,Topaz/Shell and Fine Gael.

Age old complaints about sewage,roads charges and taxes  as we started in Castleisland and Cordal along with lighting similar to Rathmore problems were issues straightaway  despite sitting councillors and TD’s in the area being aware of the problems for years.Special Needs and speech therapy with over 500 children on a waiting list in the Killarney are alone where one full-time and one part-time have an impossible job in coping along with St.Francis School one of 200 in the country had their on the ground daily required service for 235 children in the county stripped back to 10% and quality of life and independence down the road being ignored.big guns

Tears flowed at many doors where unable to feed children a serious issue,a lack of energy along with understanding of the system  and with promises to call me to help engage with banks and court when in the run up to the election on the 15th May I as usual attended  the Registrar’s Court where 80 repossession’s were heard.If evicted these families go on rental allowance after six months becoming a tax payers problem when the solution is for Kerry Co.Council to buy the evident empty houses that NAMA sell for pittance to their own cronies further creating a divide between rich landlords controlling rent and a reminder to me that 81 people own what the next 3.5 Billion own in the world.

In my own job as a Home Help pensioners easily talked about cutbacks and heating and food requirements a problem because of austerity cutbacks and cruel budgets.30,000 cancer patients diagnosed in the last year,10,000 strokes,Dementia,Parkinsons,MS and new illnesses like Dyspraxia and Fibromyalgia were all discussed alongside depression and the level of suicide in the county and country as we covered the ground.

The roads all over my area and especially in Scart were an issue and I imagine will continue to be an issue as their sitting TD’and councillors will promise again and again the sun moon and stars instead of long-term solutions replacing pebbles sprayed removed by rain and the creation of money over and over.The roads everywhere were a problem for us driving around just quarter of Kerry.Being 43 and having been elated returning from London in 1995 the roads have been in shit and the road I travel daily from my home in Tiernaboul since 2000 is absolutely in shit but will be resolved surely this time as the head potholer was elected with double the quota,in-house tenders and supported by so many I did wonder for a minute about the issues I raised.Snakes and ladders

Hearing about back scratching at many doors and promised number 2’s as experienced councillor’s had completed great deeds in the past and was very surprised over the claims of many at houses got by  too many as gifts from councillor’s with no power in this area when I was campaigning for a fair system for all and in the future for our many young ones who without us having learned will face the same debt enslavement instead of a housing solution for all and forever.

Taking into account the very poor first preference votes I got and how well I did in a mixed area debate with Aoife Thornton FG who polled very well and got elected I have of course gone through very mixed emotions in the last few days and the above piece will show a negative view having been wounded and lacking energy having giving my all to this campaign over the last number of years not to mind working 20 hours a day for the last four months.Dissapointed yet again with media coverage over very real issues and attaining just 2% of the vote I will have to learn how to communicate my heartfelt messages much better.

Examining the vote it cheers me up a good bit when adding a great vote for Lynda Horgan whose issues mirror my own vote the most and those who are also awake who voted for other candidates Donal Grady Mick Gleeson and Brendan Cronin I will learn from this harsh lesson yet again in false promises in what is a blood sport and despite being wounded I will heal my self by nature and my true spirit of resistance to the cruel treatment of people by the powers that be as a willingness to learn will replace the pain I currently feel and compassion and care for all will return to my own domain as my eyes will be re-opened quickly to a world that is not about “poor me” .

I have great ideas for jobs,St.Finian’s ,a fairer system and society for all,will continue to campaign for all the issues that are real to me but will be going into the public more often to express positive ideas I have to work towards change.Those I hear daily bitching and moaning about what is going on in the country will have to fall on deaf ears as they voted in almost exactly the same as we have before as it is those who do not have a voice that I campaign and care for.hope blog

Today I am a begrudger as parish pump politics beat me 15 times over and I am drained of the much required energy required to fight back against a cruel system that cares more for the creation of money than suffocating the life out of people who I care about.

Slow down,be careful on the road as the issues you raised on the doorsteps returned many and party’s that are the opposite of I who believe compassion and care for all are more important than feathering your own nest as tears are the reign that will bring compassion and community spirit back to our locality, as some of these cowboys do not face the sheriff monthly like I.

Moving off the Grid or back into the cruel world of politics that starts when I turn on the light at 6.30am every morning and set my alarm clock when I retire after 1am each day, I am quite sure I will return to the blood sport that serves cruelty and corruption to people and the world where resistance becomes duty when injustice has become law, after a day restoring my own good nature by nature. deep blue