21 May

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Emotion;“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.” ― John Lennon


The rollercoaster that is emotion you are the complicated one Newton spent half his life trying to determine. When he was a child he too simply understood it as up and down. Below is a list of feelings that are not expressed by most adults in Ireland when asked “How are you?” and 99% of the time the answer will be returned as “I’m fine, grand or ok”.


Understanding great playful calm

Confident gay courageous peaceful

Reliable joyous energetic at ease

Easy lucky liberated comfortable

Amazed fortunate optimistic pleased

Free delighted provocative encouraged

Sympathetic overjoyed impulsive clever

Interested gleeful free surprised

Satisfied thankful frisky content

Receptive important animated quiet

Accepting festive spirited certain

Kind ecstatic thrilled relaxed

Satisfied wonderful serene

Glad   free and easy

Cheerful   bright

Sunny   blessed

Merry   reassured







Loving concerned eager impulsive

Considerate affected keen free

Affectionate fascinated earnest sure

Sensitive intrigued intent certain

Tender absorbed anxious rebellious

Devoted inquisitive inspired unique

Attracted nosy determined dynamic

Passionate snoopy excited tenacious

Admiration engrossed enthusiastic hardy

Warm curious bold secure

Touched    brave

Sympathy    daring

Close    challenged

Loved    optimistic

Comforted    re-enforced

Drawn toward   confident





Difficult/Unpleasant Feelings


Irritated lousy upset incapable

Enraged disappointed doubtful alone

Hostile discouraged uncertain paralyzed

Insulting ashamed indecisive fatigued

Sore powerless perplexed useless

Annoyed diminished embarrassed inferior

Upset guilty hesitant vulnerable

Hateful dissatisfied shy empty

Unpleasant miserable stupefied forced

Offensive detestable disillusioned hesitant

Bitter repugnant unbelieving despair

Aggressive despicable sceptical frustrated

Resentful disgusting distrustful distressed

Inflamed abominable misgiving woeful

Provoked terrible lost pathetic

Incensed in despair unsure tragic

Infuriated sulky uneasy in a stew

Cross bad pessimistic dominated

Worked up a sense of loss tense








Insensitive fearful crushed tearful

Dull terrified tormented sorrowful

Nonchalant suspicious deprived pained

Neutral anxious pained grief

Reserved alarmed tortured anguish

Weary panic dejected desolate

Bored nervous rejected desperate

Preoccupied scared injured pessimistic

Cold worried offended unhappy

Disinterested frightened afflicted lonely

Lifeless timid aching grieved

Shaky victimized mournful

Restless heartbroken dismayed

Doubtful agonized

Threatened appalled

Cowardly humiliated

Quaking wronged

Menaced alienated


How do we evolve so much from innocence to the mask of fine, grand and ok? Looking at what should be some of the more simple emotions expressed when alone of how do I really feel. I am happy. I am sad. I am calm. I am angry. I Love. I Hate. I live in Hope. I am in Despair. Polar opposites for up and down. Take a childlike toy the see-saw. First balance then add motion for emotion. Elation for up then butterflies or excitement on the way down but when the innocent reach the bottom the instant reaction is to ground both feet and push upwards again and again on this simple journey .

At home rules or worse come into play. Can. Cannot. Do or don’t. Off to school right or wrong, do this do that, homework replacing play, brainwashed by history, hatred and laughter in later years for disliking poetry that the questions that followed a personal opinion in a poem were forced by a man made question telling you your opinion. One apple plus one apple equals two apples not one apple that you could share. A love of nature, art or music and you are away with the fairies or bullied, and the beginning of pretence of something you are not. A young adult being taught a different world I accuse of creating fear and loathing by divide and conquer.

Off to work and more rules and regulations, time a resounding fear factor, work hard and you will do well unless the power that is likes someone better than you and money enters the picture that not so long ago was a cartoon that has now become a nightmare on whatever street you are on. The saddest thing for me about school is that you start as yourself and become someone completely different, recognizing a system that creates hatred by being bullied from the top down.

In a different world Dr. Masaru Emoto would create the syllabus from kindergarten eliminating the fear factor in the transition from babies to what is called secondary education. Secondary education would acknowledge that we are all different and all good at something, not the archaic system of force feeding trigonometry labelled as problems where one in ten are good at finding the solution and nine out of ten despise the problem not being able to find the solution easily creating doubt in one’s own ability.

Further down the ladder as grades and reports put you into the firing line and no protection from feeling stupid, just not caring or the start of a new place with your bag on your back and running away. Running away from the system and into a place where all children go when they feel victimised and living in fear, they go to the only safe place they know, into themselves. The beginning of lifelong learning a lesson not in show and tell but conformity and silence, and a uniform that looks the same but comes in all shapes and sizes.

And so the lesson in being taught ends and the lesson in self-learning begins. Science versus nature.

“How do I really feel?” IMAGINE…………………….and dream to live

20 May

ElectionDiaryDay7;Toirleach and dream policy #Changes’its you

  267622_246137178736451_5470072_n      Arts: All people will be free to creatively express their innermost passions and insights, in a way that fulfills themselves, inspires others, and does no harm.
Danger : The arts are undervalued and suppressed, which isolates us from each other and our deeper selves.
Opportunity : We can use the arts to express our realities, promote and reflect social change, challenge the status quo, and connect more deeply with ourselves and others. A truly open Internet makes it possible to inexpensively share creative inspiration with vast numbers of people through music, poetry, films, photos, paintings and more.
Economics: A thriving society, truly free to meet our own needs, to exchange voluntarily, to build prosperity, and to take care of each other and the environment without coercion or aggression.
Danger : The current economy has been taken over by a rigged system that benefits a few at the expense of most. Not only in Europe but virtually the entire world economy is verging on free-fall collapse, taking the well-being and lives of billions down with it.
Opportunity : We have the power to change our economic system and allow it to work for everyone. There are well-developed and brilliant ideas for how to create truly thriving economies.
The Economics Sector is perhaps the most important one of all to transform because the way the money system works directly impacts each and every person’s job, home, family and community. Creating centralized banks, a system that requires debt and makes up money out of nothing, has allowed the international banking elite to gradually turn almost the entire world into a population of debt-slaves. Exposing and eliminating this system – and replacing it with an honest and open one – can provide the critical turning point toward creating a debt free Ireland
Education: Students are free to pursue the type of learning that most appeals to their interests, passions, and needs.
Danger : Our schools are failing and government mandated education forces everyone to learn the same and often useless material despite the unique interests and learning styles of each individual. The curriculum is designed more to serve the purposes of corporations and the government than those of the student.
Opportunity : Diverse, alternative schools and teaching models encourage critical thinking and creative expression among students that honor the choice of each individual.
Environment : A healthy planet, free of pollution where people act responsibly to protect and maintain balance with the environment.
Danger : The water, soil and atmosphere are being dangerously polluted and manipulated. Worldwide extinction rates are growing and people are starving.
Opportunity : In every area that our environment is threatened, people are organizing to intervene with strategic and effective solutions, we all need to help them
Governance: People voluntarily cooperate and organize to create prosperous communities without coercive government.
DANGER: Involuntary government violates your rights, creates war, and funds itself and its actions with your money…all without your approval.
OPPORTUNITY: We can transition out of current government systems and ultimately create empowering, self-governing, voluntary communities where everyone is given the opportunity to be heard.
VISION for the Health Sector : Natural healing and pro-active health maintenance will combine with advanced technology to support healthy thriving people all over the world.
Danger : The profit-motivated health care industry is creating more dependence on drugs and less overall health. People are over-medicated, lack access to quality healthcare, and millions around the world are dying of preventable, and treatable, diseases.
Opportunity : Whole-systems approaches for prevention and healing are emerging, natural treatments and technologies have the potential to cure cancer, and meaningful health care reform can be achieved.
Infrastructure: Infrastructure will be innovative, sustainable, and appropriate to the needs of the people, while having a minimal impact on our planet.
Danger: We have a poor and failing infrastructure that severely impacts daily life and threatens our safety.
Opportunity: Innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly technologies can better support our lives and communities. Shrinking government and moving into a truly free market can liberate creativity, lower the costs and raise the quality of our roads, utilities and other infrastructure such as broadband.
Justice : There will be rules but no rulers, and justice will serve the protection of individual rights through respected, independent Dispute Resolution Organizations.
Danger : Our current justice system is inefficient, racially biased, punitive, overly costly, and fails to protect each individual’s rights.
Opportunity : We can create a justice system based on the principle of non-violation that serves and protects everyone.
Media: Everyone has access to a wide range of diverse and accurate information from sources that are transparent about their funding and which include in-depth analyses and honest debates about controversial issues.
Danger: A handful of corporations and our government own the media and their influence is not transparent to viewers. Their intrinsic conflict of interest limits our access to diverse perspectives.
Opportunity: We can use the Internet to access diverse information, broadcast events and information instantaneously, share best practices as well as solution strategies, and explore issues and innovations with people all around the world.
Relations: People will have access to the skills, role models and experiences to support relating to oneself and to others with respect, cooperation and balanced interchange.
Danger : The so called “celtic tiger” has turned us into a nation of selfish and materialistic people. We blame everyone else for our problems without looking at ourselves.
Opportunity : The mastering of communication and conflict resolution skills becomes a vital part of family interaction as well as educational and organization learning environments, leading to a peaceful, thriving world based on honoring one another’s rights.
Science: Science should serve the thriving of all people, where we are open to the benefit of rigorous processes of inquiry with logic, research and testing while simultaneously honoring the role of consciousness and phenomena that stretch beyond the reach of the physical senses and the rational mind.
Danger : The genuine search for the truth about how nature works is increasingly co-opted by the vested interests of those who control the funding of research and patenting, and the genuine pursuit of greater understanding about how the universe works and our place in it is superseded by the agenda of a controlling elite.
Opportunity : Research and development takes place in a truly free market of voluntary association and results that impact the public are transparent about the sources of their funding. Science is honored for its ability to discover how we can align our systems with natural principles and thrive together on a healthy planet.
Spirituality: Every person is free to experience directly his/her own unique sense of their inner spiritual nature without coercion or suppression.
Danger : A one-world authoritarian government or any particular religion becomes so powerful that they suppress the natural choice of any individual to freely experience their unique experience of spirituality.
Opportunity : Humans experience their spiritual nature as so interconnected with all species and with life itself, that war, deprivation and corruption become faint memories of a bygone era in the evolving consciousness of life on planet Earth and beyond.

19 May

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Taking part were John Buckley Sinn Féin, Breandán Fitzgerald Fianna Fáil, Brian Lorraine McCarthy Independent, Michael O’Gorman Independent, and Aoife Thornton Fine Gael. John Buckley and Brian Lorraine McCarthy are running in the Killarney area, Michael O’Gorman and Aoife Thornton are competing in Listowel and Breandan Fitzgerald is running in the South and West