16 Dec


                                                                                                                                BY Pearse Connolly Ireland
It would appear that Alan Kelly’s meteoric rise through the cesspit of Irish politics did not come about by chance. Kelly has had serious financial backing down through the years, to put this in perspective, in 2008 when Kelly was still a senator, he received more donations than Bertie, in fact he was top of the pile…
“The persons disclosing the highest donations were as follows:
1.Senator Alan Kelly (Lab) – €35,310 (of which €5,000 was returned to donors)
2.Deputies Bertie Ahern and Cyprian Brady (FF) – €19,000 each in respect of use of property (St. Lukes)
3.James Reilly TD (FG) – €15,950
4.Darragh O’Brien TD (FF) – €12,780″
It has recently been revealed that Kelly’s brother Declan has a vested interest in water privatisation through his company Teneo holdings, you can read about it here…”Declan Kelly Teneo Alan “Pinnochio” Kelly and Deception”
More about Teneo on this page and the people involved, including Bill Clinton (close friend of DO’B) …https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/introducing-teneo-holdings/
Kelly’s campaigns have been funded by his brother Declan and Teneo’s Paul Keary for several years, anyone who could be bothered sifting through the PDF’s of donations will see that who his backers are.
Kelly, Alan, MEP €10,980.50 Cheque – €1,000.00 Ronoc Financial Solutions Ltd., 10 Merrion Square, Dublin
Cheque – €2,480.50 Declan Kelly, The Ice House, 27th North Moore Street, Apt. 7C, New York, NY 10013
Cheque – €2,500.00 Stonepark Tavern Ltd., 10 Merrion Square, Dublin 2
Cheque – €2,500.00 Paul Keary, Donnellan Drive, Loughrea, Co. Galway
Cheque – €2,500.00 SIPTU, Liberty Hall, Dublin 

Kelly followed a similar path to many prominent Irishmen (including DO’B) down through the years, a couple of years at the Jesuit controlled Boston College is followed by a sudden catapult up the ladder. Be under no illusion, when Fergus O’Dowd said there was “dark forces at work to privatise ‘Irish Water'” he wasn’t kidding.
Teneo is also pushing the TTIP agenda…

“Geopolitical Uncertainties
The Transatlantic Promise
Investors searching for safe havens are returning to the West. Businesses and governments should enthusiastically support the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”

13 Dec

Declan Kelly Teneo Alan “Pinnochio” Kelly and Deception

It’s not very well known that the TD Alan Kelly’s brother Declan Kelly is an extremely influential figure. You’ll find his bio if you google him. This would reveal that he has strong connections to Tony O’Reilly, Eircom and made his money during a very dodgy time. Here is an article supporting this. 267622_246137178736451_5470072_n
He is a corporate agent for american corporate interests! Whose brother is our minister for health and environment. Thanks for reading,
His company analyses trading conditions.
The latest aspect to the business, Teneo Intelligence, is headed up by a former an ex-CIA and Department of Defense figure and aims to identify trouble spots around the world and analyse their potential effect on global markets. – See more at: Global 100: Declan Kelly, Teneo Holdings
Water as a commodity? Teneo is involved in water infrastructure projects all ove rthe world (especially Africa – appearing to be charitable at first, then creating a perpetual revenue stream).


06 Dec

Denis O Briens Interests-the ones we know about

The latest list of Denis O’Brien ownings/companies/media etc he has an interest in.DOB images

Irish media:

* Evening Herald
* Irish Independent
* Sunday Independent
* Sunday World
* 50% of the Irish Daily Star
* Bray People
* Carlow People
* Drogheda Independent
* Enniscorthy Guardian
* Fingal Independent
* Gorey Guardian
* Kerryman
* New Ross Standard
* The Argus
* The Corkman
* The Sligo Champion
* Wicklow People
* Wexford People
* Fit Magazine.

Ireland Radio.
* Today FM
* Dublin’s 98FM,
* Newstalk, Spin 1038,
* Spin South West
* TXFM (30% ownership).

Aergo Capital Limited – Airline.
Irish News & Media (INM): As listed above already – In aggregate, INM manages gross assets of €322 million, revenue of €355 million.

Radio stations

United Kingdom
Capital South Wales
Capital Scotland
Heart North Wales
Heart Yorkshire
Real Radio XS
Smooth East Midlands
Smooth North East
Smooth North West

Czech Republic
Kiss 98
Kiss Hady
Kiss Morava
Kiss Publikum
Kiss Jizni Cechy
Kiss Delta
Kiss Proton
Country Radio
Radio Beat
Radio Jizera
Radio Spin
Radio 1

Juventus Radio

Radio SWH
Radio SWH+
Radio SWH Rock

Radio Elmar
Raadio Uuno
Radio Kuku
Radio 100fm
Dinamit FM (Radio DFM)
Radio U-Pop

Radio SuomiPop
Groove FM
Classic Radio
Metro FM
Nashe Radio Network
BG Radio
Radio 1
Radio 1 Rock
Radio Nova
City Radio
Radio Veronika

Spin FM
Ayyam FM

Owns 380+ Topaz petrol stations.

Bought the private Beacon Hospital Dublin recently also.

United Kingdom flag 21 MANRESA LIMITED (United Kingdom, 17 Dec 2004- )
Ireland flag 98 F.M. CLASSIC HITS LIMITED (Ireland, 25 Oct 1989- )
Ireland flag AERGO CAPITAL (AFRICA HOLDINGS) LIMITED (Ireland, 3 Dec 2009- )
Ireland flag AERGO CAPITAL LIMITED (Ireland, 19 Aug 1999- )
Ireland flag AG AIRCRAFT TRADING ONE LIMITED (Ireland, 2 Feb 2011- )
United Kingdom flag inactive AQUAEASY LIMITED (United Kingdom, 2 Feb 1996-18 Nov 1997)
Isle of Man flag BAYCLIFFE LIMITED (Isle of Man, 11 Jan 2000- )
Ireland flag BAYHILL ENTERPRISES LIMITED (Ireland, 31 Jul 1996- )
United Kingdom flag BBCM GROUP LIMITED (United Kingdom, 18 Dec 2002- )
United Kingdom flag BLUE OCEAN ASSOCIATES LIMITED (United Kingdom, 6 Jul 1993- )
Ireland flag BOLANA LIMITED (Ireland, 2 Jan 2008- )
Ireland flag BRIGADOON MEDIA LIMITED (Ireland, 6 Jan 1992- )
Ireland flag CANDIDATE MANAGER LIMITED (Ireland, 8 Oct 2003- )
Isle of Man flag CLYDE PROPERTIES LIMITED (Isle of Man, 19 Jan 2012- )
Ireland flag COMMUNICORP GROUP LIMITED (Ireland, 19 Jul 1990- )
Ireland flag COMMUNICORP INVESTMENTS LIMITED (Ireland, 27 Jun 2006- )
United Kingdom flag DEBORAH SERVICES (HOLDINGS) LIMITED (United Kingdom, 13 Jan 2003- )
Ireland flag DEMIRCA LIMITED (Ireland, 25 Jun 1999- )
Jamaica flag Digicel (Jamaica) Limited (Jamaica)
Luxembourg flag DIGICEL FRENCH CARIBBEAN HOLDINGS S.à r.l. (Luxembourg, 9 May 2006- )
Bermuda flag DIGICEL GROUP LIMITED (Bermuda, 5 Feb 2007- )
Bermuda flag DIGICEL INVESTMENTS LIMITED (Bermuda, 13 Jul 2007- )
Bermuda flag DIGICEL LIMITED (Bermuda, 16 Oct 2000- )
United States flag branch DIGICEL USA, INC. (New York (US), 8 Feb 2008- )
United Kingdom flag DONCASTER ROVERS FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED (United Kingdom, 13 Sep 1920- )
United Kingdom flag inactive E ISLAND (UK) LIMITED (United Kingdom, 1 Feb 2001-19 Jun 2007)
Ireland flag EUROPEAN RADIO CORPORATION LIMITED (Ireland, 22 Aug 1990- )
United Kingdom flag EVENTSERV UK LIMITED (United Kingdom, 12 Mar 2010- )
Ireland flag F.P.C. LIMITED (Ireland, 27 May 1992- )
Ireland flag FIELDSVILLE LIMITED (Ireland, 8 Sep 1999- )
Ireland flag GOCASTER LIMITED (Ireland, 1 Apr 2014- )
United Kingdom flag HARVEST ENERGY LIMITED (United Kingdom, 7 Dec 1994- )
United Kingdom flag HOLGATE INFRASTRUCTURE & MOTORWAY SERVICES (UK) LIMITED (United Kingdom, 15 Apr 2010- )
Ireland flag IRELAND RADIO NEWS LIMITED (Ireland, 2 Mar 1990- )
Ireland flag ISLAND CAPITAL LIMITED (Ireland, 8 Apr 2000- )
Ireland flag ISLAND CAPITAL SERVICES LIMITED (Ireland, 10 Jul 2000- )
Ireland flag MAYPRIL LIMITED (Ireland, 4 Aug 1998- )
Ireland flag METRO RADIO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (Ireland, 18 Aug 2004- )
Isle of Man flag MILLINGTON LIMITED (Isle of Man, 7 Dec 2011- )
Ireland flag MONKSWOOD INVESTMENTS LIMITED (Ireland, 14 Mar 2000- )
United Kingdom flag MOREARC LIMITED (United Kingdom, 20 Mar 2000- )
Ireland flag MULTICITY LIMITED (Ireland, 27 Jun 2006- )
Ireland flag NEWS 106 LIMITED (Ireland, 5 Jul 1999- )
Spain flag P.G.A. GOLF DE CALDAS SA (Spain)
Ireland flag PARTENAY (Ireland, 29 Mar 1999- )
Ireland flag R – TEL LIMITED (Ireland, 22 Jan 1986- )
Ireland flag RADIO TWO THOUSAND LIMITED (Ireland, 25 Nov 1988- )
United Kingdom flag ROAN BUILDING SOLUTIONS LIMITED (United Kingdom, 28 Aug 2009- )
Ireland flag ROCK SOLID TRANSMISSION LIMITED (Ireland, 20 Jun 1989- )
Netherlands flag Siteserv B.V. (Netherlands)
United Kingdom flag SITESERV MANAGEMENT LIMITED (United Kingdom, 9 Jan 2008- ) deails
Ireland flag SPIN SOUTH WEST LIMITED (Ireland, 5 Jul 2004- )
Isle of Man flag inactive Thanehurst Trading Company Limited (Isle of Man)
Ireland flag THE IRIS O’BRIEN FOUNDATION LIMITED (Ireland, 16 Jun 2000- )
Ireland flag inactive TRINBATEL (IRELAND) LIMITED (Ireland, 18 May 1999-18 Jan 2008)
Ireland flag inactive TRINITY PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED (Ireland, 18 Feb 2000-17 Mar 2013)
Ireland flag TYSAN INVESTMENTS LIMITED (Ireland, 28 Feb 2005- )
Ireland flag WEB RADIO LIMITED (Ireland, 6 Apr 1990- )
Isle of Man flag Westferry Limited (Isle of Man, 23 Oct 1997- )

05 Dec

Fair Play Catherine Murphy-Denis O Brien Corrupt ? you decide

Detail on what Catherine Murphy IND TD was talking about(from a hubber)
The company was formally registered ON THE SAME DAY! ?????
.Denis O’Brien company “Siteserv” and GMC/Serria which is putting in the water meters (Denis O’Brien front company “Millington” took over Siteserve.(see numerous previous posts below on Siteserve-Gmc/Sierra Denis etc)
Siteserve having been sold to Millington, which is an acquisition vehicle controlled by Denis O’Brien. The installation of water meters is being thus implemented by GMC/Sierra Ltd, J Murphy & Sons Ltd, and Coffey Northumbrian Ltd. Sierra is part of the Siteserve Group)
26th July 2013, Irish Water announced the appointment of GMC/Sierra as one of the main regional contractors engaged by Irish Water to manage the Meter Installation Programme.
BUT…GMC/Sierra (Company Number 530230) applied for registration as a NEW company with Denis O’Brien as a director on the 11th of July 2013.
The company was formally registered ON THE SAME DAY! From experience of many thousands, it always takes weeks to get formally registered and to receive the certificate stating that you can trade.
After a one day registration however, two weeks later GMC/Sierra were awarded the Irish Water contracts… HOW?
GMC/Sierra was not even a limited company or in existence at
that point yet was awarded a government contract to put in water meters.
GMC/Sierra would have had to tender for the contract under EU law and would have had to tender documents INCLUDING A TAX CLEARANCE certificate – so how does a company that did not exist get a tax clearance certificate or produce insurance documents or any paperwork at all – get a contract?
Is the Revenue complicit in this fraud or were they told what to do?
Denis O’Brien bought the liquidated assets but not the name or debt therefore he had no
choice but to start a new company with the same name but no legacy. Why have the
mainstream media or other journalists not picked up on the anomaly?
Another operation trick they are pulling is a differential in the registered address they supplied to the Company Registration Office. Why are they doing this?
Well the answer is apparently simple… They have two companies using a variation of the same name: GMC/Sierra Ltd and Sierra GMC Ltd. This trick is done in order to eventually make the holding company legally speaking (SIERRA / GMC LIMITED) an unlimited company so that it doesn’t have to file accounts for interested parties to inspect!
1.GMC Group
GMC House
Millennium Business Park
Cappagh Road
Dublin 11
The bottom line is that GMC/ Sierra – Sierra/GMC was awarded a contract possibly very illegally by the Department of the Environment. Legally as the law is written they are supposedly in breach of EU law – as is the Department of the Environment.
Following on from the previous, legally speaking they should then not be putting in water meters – but neither they nor this government want you to know that and/or carry this forward in further protest or legal objection!