26 May

New Beginnings; Potholes V Community Cares; wounded but not broken

I knew when the first few boxes were opened I was in trouble.Having handed out a copy of one submission I did for the Kerry County Development plan on rates for SME’S to every shop in Killarney,Rathmore and Castleisland before I ever started my door to door and getting a great reaction to the idea of turnover and profit verses space I gained confidence from the support received at the start of my journey.1003024_737211619628368_1736155902_n

The door to door plan of telling the truth was in place and the issues to be addressed at the door were Special Needs,the Health or UNhealthy service that I recently resigned from because of a lack of care and compassion for clients and staff.Home Help,unfair annualised hours contracts,social exclusion of the most vulnerable,cuts to carer’s, charges for respite,and respite grants all part of my daily view working for the HSE as lack of help and privatisation crippled my local community.

Daily levels of emotional pain,distressed family home mortgage holders who I represent for free and the high level of suicide and my education of life skills,aware and safe talk were required at many doors as so many cried and poured out their unique and broken hearts at the door.

Control by the corrupt I.M.F,the Bank of International Settlement,Denis O Brien,our Natural Assets and resources,Topaz along with Brian Cowan,John Bruton’s monthly meetings with corporations controlling our budget are just part of my daily research and chat in addition to David Tepper,BOI,evictions and Anti-Eviction Taskforce  are easy for me to talk about with passion.

290,000 empty houses many of which we viewed travelling my designated area, a housing and homeless problem or a plain lack of common sense problem in addition to the questions Where is the money from Developer’s Bonds and the Statutory Instrument of the Property Tax that promised the money raised minus LGMA minimal expenses at local level not to the privatised company that is now Irish Water a set up by the failed auctioneer Phil Hogan and Mr. O Brien with his finger in every pie of the media,telecommunications,smart meter installations,siteserve,NAMA ,Topaz/Shell and Fine Gael.

Age old complaints about sewage,roads charges and taxes  as we started in Castleisland and Cordal along with lighting similar to Rathmore problems were issues straightaway  despite sitting councillors and TD’s in the area being aware of the problems for years.Special Needs and speech therapy with over 500 children on a waiting list in the Killarney are alone where one full-time and one part-time have an impossible job in coping along with St.Francis School one of 200 in the country had their on the ground daily required service for 235 children in the county stripped back to 10% and quality of life and independence down the road being ignored.big guns

Tears flowed at many doors where unable to feed children a serious issue,a lack of energy along with understanding of the system  and with promises to call me to help engage with banks and court when in the run up to the election on the 15th May I as usual attended  the Registrar’s Court where 80 repossession’s were heard.If evicted these families go on rental allowance after six months becoming a tax payers problem when the solution is for Kerry Co.Council to buy the evident empty houses that NAMA sell for pittance to their own cronies further creating a divide between rich landlords controlling rent and a reminder to me that 81 people own what the next 3.5 Billion own in the world.

In my own job as a Home Help pensioners easily talked about cutbacks and heating and food requirements a problem because of austerity cutbacks and cruel budgets.30,000 cancer patients diagnosed in the last year,10,000 strokes,Dementia,Parkinsons,MS and new illnesses like Dyspraxia and Fibromyalgia were all discussed alongside depression and the level of suicide in the county and country as we covered the ground.

The roads all over my area and especially in Scart were an issue and I imagine will continue to be an issue as their sitting TD’and councillors will promise again and again the sun moon and stars instead of long-term solutions replacing pebbles sprayed removed by rain and the creation of money over and over.The roads everywhere were a problem for us driving around just quarter of Kerry.Being 43 and having been elated returning from London in 1995 the roads have been in shit and the road I travel daily from my home in Tiernaboul since 2000 is absolutely in shit but will be resolved surely this time as the head potholer was elected with double the quota,in-house tenders and supported by so many I did wonder for a minute about the issues I raised.Snakes and ladders

Hearing about back scratching at many doors and promised number 2’s as experienced councillor’s had completed great deeds in the past and was very surprised over the claims of many at houses got by  too many as gifts from councillor’s with no power in this area when I was campaigning for a fair system for all and in the future for our many young ones who without us having learned will face the same debt enslavement instead of a housing solution for all and forever.

Taking into account the very poor first preference votes I got and how well I did in a mixed area debate with Aoife Thornton FG who polled very well and got elected I have of course gone through very mixed emotions in the last few days and the above piece will show a negative view having been wounded and lacking energy having giving my all to this campaign over the last number of years not to mind working 20 hours a day for the last four months.Dissapointed yet again with media coverage over very real issues and attaining just 2% of the vote I will have to learn how to communicate my heartfelt messages much better.

Examining the vote it cheers me up a good bit when adding a great vote for Lynda Horgan whose issues mirror my own vote the most and those who are also awake who voted for other candidates Donal Grady Mick Gleeson and Brendan Cronin I will learn from this harsh lesson yet again in false promises in what is a blood sport and despite being wounded I will heal my self by nature and my true spirit of resistance to the cruel treatment of people by the powers that be as a willingness to learn will replace the pain I currently feel and compassion and care for all will return to my own domain as my eyes will be re-opened quickly to a world that is not about “poor me” .

I have great ideas for jobs,St.Finian’s ,a fairer system and society for all,will continue to campaign for all the issues that are real to me but will be going into the public more often to express positive ideas I have to work towards change.Those I hear daily bitching and moaning about what is going on in the country will have to fall on deaf ears as they voted in almost exactly the same as we have before as it is those who do not have a voice that I campaign and care for.hope blog

Today I am a begrudger as parish pump politics beat me 15 times over and I am drained of the much required energy required to fight back against a cruel system that cares more for the creation of money than suffocating the life out of people who I care about.

Slow down,be careful on the road as the issues you raised on the doorsteps returned many and party’s that are the opposite of I who believe compassion and care for all are more important than feathering your own nest as tears are the reign that will bring compassion and community spirit back to our locality, as some of these cowboys do not face the sheriff monthly like I.

Moving off the Grid or back into the cruel world of politics that starts when I turn on the light at 6.30am every morning and set my alarm clock when I retire after 1am each day, I am quite sure I will return to the blood sport that serves cruelty and corruption to people and the world where resistance becomes duty when injustice has become law, after a day restoring my own good nature by nature. deep blue



One thought on “New Beginnings; Potholes V Community Cares; wounded but not broken

  1. You are a great man you showed your true self to the people,corruption and cruelty leave deep scars, and blind people to what is really going on. Stay up and stay strong. Regards Ken Doyle PS. I also knew when the first boxes were opened i would have to fight another day.

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