13 Dec

Declan Kelly Teneo Alan “Pinnochio” Kelly and Deception

It’s not very well known that the TD Alan Kelly’s brother Declan Kelly is an extremely influential figure. You’ll find his bio if you google him. This would reveal that he has strong connections to Tony O’Reilly, Eircom and made his money during a very dodgy time. Here is an article supporting this. 267622_246137178736451_5470072_n
He is a corporate agent for american corporate interests! Whose brother is our minister for health and environment. Thanks for reading,
His company analyses trading conditions.
The latest aspect to the business, Teneo Intelligence, is headed up by a former an ex-CIA and Department of Defense figure and aims to identify trouble spots around the world and analyse their potential effect on global markets. – See more at: Global 100: Declan Kelly, Teneo Holdings
Water as a commodity? Teneo is involved in water infrastructure projects all ove rthe world (especially Africa – appearing to be charitable at first, then creating a perpetual revenue stream).


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