16 Dec


                                                                                                                                BY Pearse Connolly Ireland
It would appear that Alan Kelly’s meteoric rise through the cesspit of Irish politics did not come about by chance. Kelly has had serious financial backing down through the years, to put this in perspective, in 2008 when Kelly was still a senator, he received more donations than Bertie, in fact he was top of the pile…
“The persons disclosing the highest donations were as follows:
1.Senator Alan Kelly (Lab) – €35,310 (of which €5,000 was returned to donors)
2.Deputies Bertie Ahern and Cyprian Brady (FF) – €19,000 each in respect of use of property (St. Lukes)
3.James Reilly TD (FG) – €15,950
4.Darragh O’Brien TD (FF) – €12,780″
It has recently been revealed that Kelly’s brother Declan has a vested interest in water privatisation through his company Teneo holdings, you can read about it here…”Declan Kelly Teneo Alan “Pinnochio” Kelly and Deception”
More about Teneo on this page and the people involved, including Bill Clinton (close friend of DO’B) …https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/introducing-teneo-holdings/
Kelly’s campaigns have been funded by his brother Declan and Teneo’s Paul Keary for several years, anyone who could be bothered sifting through the PDF’s of donations will see that who his backers are.
Kelly, Alan, MEP €10,980.50 Cheque – €1,000.00 Ronoc Financial Solutions Ltd., 10 Merrion Square, Dublin
Cheque – €2,480.50 Declan Kelly, The Ice House, 27th North Moore Street, Apt. 7C, New York, NY 10013
Cheque – €2,500.00 Stonepark Tavern Ltd., 10 Merrion Square, Dublin 2
Cheque – €2,500.00 Paul Keary, Donnellan Drive, Loughrea, Co. Galway
Cheque – €2,500.00 SIPTU, Liberty Hall, Dublin 

Kelly followed a similar path to many prominent Irishmen (including DO’B) down through the years, a couple of years at the Jesuit controlled Boston College is followed by a sudden catapult up the ladder. Be under no illusion, when Fergus O’Dowd said there was “dark forces at work to privatise ‘Irish Water'” he wasn’t kidding.
Teneo is also pushing the TTIP agenda…

“Geopolitical Uncertainties
The Transatlantic Promise
Investors searching for safe havens are returning to the West. Businesses and governments should enthusiastically support the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”


  1. Hey Grainne….there is always hope as darkness changes into light and we shall go from revolution to evolution.I feel we are just paving the way for the next generation and the greater good.I have been on the protest all around the country for a number of years and was hoping to bring the system down by education but I am blocked by the media.I have added Civil Disobedience to my tools recently and have never been in any trouble.I visit the courts and banks a lot with regard to family homes/mortgages who contact the Anti Eviction Taskforce so I see injustice regularly.Keep the faith.We wiill win with patience….on facebook as Brian andLorraine McCarthy.

  2. Kelly and his cohorts have absolutely no concerns for the Irish people and what we want, it neither matters what we vote for or what we do, so long as this bunch of traitors are in Leinster house. These people need to go, sooner rather than later ….

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