28 Mar

Poor leaders sacrifice the people to save the numbers.

Great leaders are willing to sacrifice the numbers to save the people. Poor leaders sacrifice the people to save the numbers.
1 New system required  ending corruption cronyism and the obscene waste of money -including 1 Attorney General
4 in control of the Economic Management Council(Kenny, Burton, Noonan and Howlin), makes all major decisions, constituting a shadow government.
14 ministers for a state that is in some state11005999_1541571489456268_1543252051_n
15 cabinet ministers clueless, corrupt or both
30 plus Dail committees invented to make unimportant people more important and a distraction
60 senators costing €200,000 a day to talk more rubbish and how they can tax and charge us for essentials like water
75€ a day for follow up chemotherapy
90 where I gave up counting taxes and hidden taxes

113 tds that voted to liquidate IBRC that is unconstitutional and dictatorship not democracy-an odious debt that is the regimes and not belong to the people.

211  weeks of Ballyhea Bondholder Bailout walking in search of the truth( Four years plus)
1,200 nurses being highly blackguarded-the other 95% just being blackguarded


1972 4% of our fishing rights left since the year we joined the EU

1992 seems a long time ago when we were singing you’ll never beat the Irish
10,000 stroke victims 3 of which were aged 2, 4 and 8.
11,000 dogs put to sleep for good whichI don’t think is for good at all
30,000 currently diagnosed annually with cancer heading to 40,000 yet no inquiry as to why?

50,000 homes under threat of repossession and eviction
87,000 emigrated last year one every 6 minutes and the most since the last famine.
100,000 horses exported in 2012 -were we at the center of the horse meat scandal ?.


180,000 emigrated in the last two years 2013-2014


350,000 empty houses in Ireland yet a serious homeless housing and eviction problem


400,000  suspected diabetics walking around….why ? via food ?water ? or virus?
450,000 on the live register spiralling out of control and borrowing €127 million plus monthly, to top up
1,000,000 children being robbed of their innocence amid cruelty in many shapes and forms despite referendum in November where the only change was care of “Protection of Children if economically viable”

1,000,000 unable to afford basics last year

1,100,000 home help hours cut in just 2012 that have not been replaced in a system that works and frees up hospital beds that gives people a precious gift of care where they are happier in their own homes. The Government favours privatisation.

1,820,000 left with €100 or less after paying for basics
3,000,000 low water what Enda Kenny has been paid by the Irish taxpayer not including investments via insider information on markets and bonds indirectly
4,485,980 being dictated to by 2,000 so called other Irish people -one Mario Draghi -multible central banks- bondholders -Goldman Sachs ONE Primary Dealer in bonds-Yet NTMA name 14 all controlled by GS  Rockefeller by assoc. Rothschild

4,900,000 property tax put into Irish Water
6,200,000€ we gave Rothschild a bondholder to ask for advice on burning bondholders
9,600,000€ i.m.o pay-off
20,000,000 he was supposed to get a figure that I would agree to if you created 500,000 jobs
50,000,000 reasons NAMA will only work for the system, false accounting, insider trading, false bank assets corruption and greed
120,000,000€ the cost of running the dail/seanad 2011 exp higher in 2012
512,000,000 the ESB profit 2012 of which a hidden tax of €100,000 plus will be grabbed by Rabbitte shortly

1,000,000,000+ the hidden tax levy on ESB profits taken by the Government in the last 10 years.
1,000,000,000€ savings OR LIES as told by FF/FG/LAB governments and Noonan with regard to Bank Recapitalisation

1,300,000,000 spent by Ireland Minister of Defence Alan Shatter on war 2013

1,800,000,000 squandered to privatise our water supply so far and spiralling out of control
8,000,000,000  interest annually on the €215 Billion+  we owe

64,000,000,000 190 people borrowed in the Boom-Bust

67,900,000,000 bank recapitalisation to date with more to come -2013
109,700,000,000 bank bond payments September 2008-June 3Oth 2012
140,500,000,000 bank bond payments Sept 2008-Dec 2015

215,000,000,000 plus we owe without all the interest only Co. Council loans.

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