04 May


A WORK IN PROGRESS-The Document http://www.mandate.ie/…/111930_12796_R2W-Unions_Policies_A5…
*warning ; ) trust and patience may be required
It is not only important to dream but also to believe, and my belief is that we the people willing and collectively can make the required changes to bring compassion and empathy back to our community and to our elderly neighbours and friends.
We need a brand new system nor is it beyond reality with the the many ideals that are discussed on a daily basis with regard to solutions that it can and will happen.
Some may come and go from the movement that is the nature of opinion and some that require power and control rather than the greater good.
I liked what I heard on Friday and with experience will remain balanced but will offer my own view and some ideas that are already on paper.Some of the community groups in Kerry in the last two days have already expressed an interest in discussing what is contained in the document and offering their views and we will be encouraging others to do the same from all walks of life.
Hopefully the likes of Transition Kerry will come on board and offer their expertise on energy matters.
The Document is a beginning on policy principles for a progressive Irish Government.As stated again and again by speakers throughout the day on Friday 1st May the intention is to begin a discussion on what type of society we want to live in.
The movement belongs to the people who are invited to develop the discussion further and input was welcomed as the agenda in the way forward.
Trust is the greatest factor that I observe in the way forward for the current collective and that will have to be rebuilt and can be.There are so many working for the greater good and with the concept of pay it forward that this has to be the future and maybe even sefless with regard to the next generation.
Lost words like hope and virtuous may be difficult at the beginning to establish and the people involved will need to remain moral , educated, and informed.Limiting the power of the government and empowering the people is a dream and achievable as we go full circle back to a simple life.compassion2


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