18 May

Housing For All- Problems2Solutions

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1) PROBLEMS~Why do we have a serious homeless, housing and eviction crisis?

*Empty Houses Ireland            +350,000    +17% of our housing stock   ( Europe*11m homes lie empty)

*Social Housing Waiting Lists +112,000

Mortgage Arrears~Unknown but at least 140,000 with 70% of them in arrears of over 2 years.(Grandparents and parents guaranteed loans also)

Social Housing Rent Arrears

Dublin council is owed more than €23 million in arrears, by more than 14,000 households, according to figures presented at the council’s housing committee. 8th Dec 2014

On average, 3.2% of local authority homes, more than 4,000, are empty, around 75% of them awaiting repairs before they can be offered to a new tenant.

It takes an average of more than six months to get them repaired and re-let with some authorities taking over a year

*In Court System               +       30,000

Banks/Court Repossessing homes and leaving empty for in excess of two years.

The current epidemic of repossessions by Banks is to claim insurance on mortgages.

To name one of the worst candidates for being uncooperative (all banks similar) to their customers who they have a duty of care to are PTSB. Bailed out by the same people and taxpayers who they are now dragging through courts with expensive solicitors and barristers who if they agree to voluntary sale or are evicted they again become a tax payer’s problem.

90,000 households are in housing requirement need. Most of these are private rented accommodation subjected to rapid rent increases and the introduction rent caps by D.O.S.W means over half in receipt of rent allowance have to top up their rent to avail of housing owned by landlords.

At least 41 TDs are landlords and to name a few with vested interest who do not want solutions;  Tom Barry 10 John McGuiness 8. Also see Property Management Co.’s on Ministers and TDs declared interests.(Alan Shatter 14)

Who’s Buying Ireland?

A total of 22,119 mortgages to a value of €3.9bn were drawn down in 2014 while Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government data show that in 1976 the total number of mortgages paid was 22,051.

Just under half of all homes purchased in Ireland last year – 20,365 in total – were bought for cash. Property website MyHome.ie said this means that on average of 55 houses a day were being bought for cash throughout 2014.

Two teachers in full-time employment with savings of €60,000 unable to borrow for a €240,000 home(Thank God) but it begs the questions who is creating the property bubble in Dublin where they were hopeful of purchasing. If the banks are not lending to working professionals with savings who is buying all the houses? Corporate vulture capitalist banks is the answer similar to those purchasing the NAMA properties. (See NAMA document)

Who is benefitting

* funnelling over €600 million annually to private landlords in leasing schemes

* Loopholes in the law allow landlords to remove tenants from their homes and then re-advertise the same properties at substantially higher rents

If the system does not learn from the past we will re-create the environment for developers and sellers as commentators constantly identify and promote the ideal of a lack of housing as their main concern currently

7,000 social houses built in 2008 in comparison to 750 in 2013 and funding for social housing cut from over €1.5 Billion-€500 Million in 2014

Identify the vested interests creating the ‘property bubble’ way beyond reality in order to pump up prices if the banks are not lending. The media along with the analysis of property economists are a problem as they themselves work for institutions and have a direct interest in rising property prices such as banks, mortgage brokers and stockbrokers.

Continuing current policy will only worsen the housing crisis and condemn further generations to homelessness, poverty and continue to enslave by mortgage debt.


A huge increase in public affordable rental property is required without external influences and vested interests.

A full evaluation of property and write-down to value nationwide to serve purpose as banks contracts/creation of money/securitisation/POA/Original Document/Fraction Reserve Lending penalties are enforced.

Remove the fate of the housing crisis which has been left to politics, government, speculative investors, capital investment companies (arms of banks); the corrupt NAMA fuelling the new bubble (36,000 units) almost all currently have vested interest not social interests at heart.

Legislation to change NAMA residential and unfinished developments into a non-commercial social housing agency using property for housing needs.

Growth in communities of rural Ireland by identifying all empty houses and condition of the same (Jobseekers with experience/3rd Level Students Transition. With options to re-house by choice out of urban to remote areas with homes that are regenerated and maintained as rent-buy-exchanges for existing owned/social housing.( quality of life/rural job co-op creation/urban rural growth/markets programmes/tourism)

Perspective rising property prices and rents affects competiveness and is ‘wasted’ money removed completely from the domestic economy. Radical steps to address housing through systemic policy that will eliminate successive governments inaction, putting housing requirements before profiteering, rent controls, write-downs and moving towards more public rental accommodation than the usual and accepted.

Temporary legislation could be introduced a temporary basis where residential property can only be bought as a primary residence restricting speculative investment in property that should be first available as a home for those who need it.

Security for long term tenants in addition to rent regulations would help to improve standards of housing and create long term benefits and housing options.

Rent control caps and long term contracts favouring tenants instead of the elite (Rent Allowance costing the State Annually) but with a view to moving from private rental to social housing long term by re-investment upon assets gained.

Vulture Capitalists who are buying property portfolios for 15-25% of what mortgage holder’s actual loan value is to be bought by individual mortgage holders and local authority with a view to an agreed percentage of 10%-20% on top of new purchase price and reinvestment of gain to further a sustainable long term local and national social housing programme.

Capital gains to be removed where derelict houses could be purchased by agreement with the local authority then redeveloped/refurbished by County Taskforces created from Jobseekers with experience (not Jobsbridge).Rental to repay cost of refurbishment and capital investment with option of rent-buy plus 25% over time. Reinvestment of gain to further a sustainable long term local and national social housing programme.

Offer Properties-Properties in need of refurbishment by owners without funding to be regenerated by the County Taskforces with investment plus 20% regained in time by fair rental and repayment scheme with again a view by agreement rent to buy or rent cap for 10 year agreed period securing tenant and affordable rent.

Large Nama & Derelict Properties-Renovated by Taskforce/Community Projects. (Students live projects)

Re-Generate Taxpayer Funded/Owned Buildings (e.g. St.Finians Killarney-see St.Finians Health & Wellness Project Ballyvourney Colaiste Iosagáin-Colaiste–Colaiste Ide Dingle )

Retirement Villages created instead of land grab (un)Fair Deal. Current property to Social Housing in exchange for lifelong retirement property plus safety & care and allowances to value to be paid over time. Family Home-No capital gains on exchanged property plus value.

Homelessness; Retreat Centres combined with self sustainable projects on site. The “housing first” approach involves moving long-term street homeless individuals — the majority of whom are living with mental illness, substance abuse disorders and other serious health problems — directly into subsidised housing and then linking them to support services, either on-site or in the community. Research studies have found that the majority of long-term street homeless people moved into “housing first” apartments remain stably housed and experience significant improvements in their health problems. Much like permanent supportive housing, the “housing first” approach is far less costly than emergency and institutional care, such as shelters, hospitals and correctional facilities.  Gentleness-Nurture-Growth-Re~Introduction to a different world-

Students Live Projects 3rd/4th Year-Sustainable Housing Projects and Solutions-Life Skills & Focus Work Experience–Energy Efficiency-Transition Year can create an extra gap in volume entering the jobs market.

Derelict property Tenant Refurbishment Rewarded; Rent/Long Term Agreement/Option to purchase.

Outline works required-costing-long term tenants with required skills and back up rewarded by low rental for endeavour.

*Financial Transaction Tax introduced with 10% for direct action social housing investment.

*Corporation Tax percentage for direct action also.


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